Crochet Emergency Kits

We’ve all had the need for an crochet emergency kit, right? You know those times when waiting at the doctors office gets too long, the movie you thought you were going to love isn’t so great, or when one of the kid’s sporting events gets a little snoozy?

Well, head to the car and grab an your crochet emergency kit!

Pink Binder Pouch filled with Crochet items

These store perfectly in a glove box, center console, purse, project bag, diaper bag, cooler, and more! You can also keep one in a binder with printed patterns.

The best part is: you can make several for super cheap!

Here’s what you need:

Pencil Pouch (I got mine for 97¢ each at Walmart)
Crochet Hook
Fabric Tape Measure (I got mine for $1 each at Joann)
Yarn Needle
Scissors (I got a 2pk for 97¢ at Walmart)
Mini Notepad (I got a 3pk for 88¢ at Walmart)
Mini Balls of Yarn (Of course!)

Black, Blue, and Pink Binder Pouches with notepads, pencils, measuring tapes, and scissors.

Amazon has these mini balls of yarn, 20 balls for $8 dollars! You can really mix it up and make some fun crochet kits with those, because you can put several colors in one pouch!  

Pinterest Pin of the Crochet Emergency Kits

For less than $40 dollars you can make 6 kits! … And hey, if you have an Etsy shop, you can sell these too!

Something else I love is the ability to add words to the front with a cutting machine and vinyl! You know I’m always looking for a way to put my Cricut Maker to work!

Crochet Emergency Kits with words on the front

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1 thought on “Crochet Emergency Kits”

  1. What a lovely gift. I could tuck it away in my purse in case I need it to use while out of my home. I could have use it when I was in the hospital with a bad break.

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