Book Review: 50 Fabulous Crochet Bobbles, Popcorns, and Puffs

Crochet Bobbles, Popcorns, and Puffs Book

“50 Fabulous Crochet Bobbles, Popcorns, and Puffs” is a crochet stitch guide book by the late Jean Leinheuser. 

It includes many unique crochet stitches; most are full of fun texture. 

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This guide offers many patterns that could be used for nearly any type of crochet design, including Garments, Accessories, and Home Decor Pieces. 

I made this Plush Poms Bath Mat using the Puff Drops stitch pattern in this book

Disclaimer: This book was given to me for review, but all opinions are mine.

This book includes 21 popcorn stitch variations, 13 puff stitch variations, 4 bobble stitch variations (although one is mislabeled as a puff stitch), and 12 various stitches featuring clusters and more. 

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The guide is very basic, with only written instructions (no charts), but I found the instructions very easy to understand. 

Stitch #14 – Popcorn Pizzazz

The best part about these stitches is that they look fabulous no matter what hook and yarn size you use! 

Stitch #11 – Dancing Puffs

The instructions include what stitch multiple is needed, so you can use sock weight yarn, jumbo weight yarn, or any weight in between!

Also handy is the General Directions listed on the last page, which includes stitch abbreviations, symbol explanations, and crochet terminology.

I highly suggest this guide to all crochet designers! It’s a great one!

Stitch #34 – Shells by the Sea

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