Victorian Christmas Stocking

Do you have Christmas traditions that you hold dear? In my family, me and my sisters have to open our Christmas Stockings together!

Red and Beige Crochet Christmas Stocking

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When we were kids we would sneak out of our rooms in the wee hours of Christmas morning, while our parents were still sleeping, and grab our stockings. Then we would run back to one of our rooms and open them up together! My mom always wrapped tiny gifts (and loaded them up with chocolate too, yum!), so it was like a little Christmas before Christmas!

Once we grew into adults, we would always make sure we were together at our family Christmas party and sit down with our stockings! My older sister moved away a few years ago, but we still Facetime during our family Christmas party and the three of us open them up together! This is something we HAVE TO do, we drop everything to make sure we can! This I hold dear to my heart!

And it may be this tradition that gives me an extra soft spot for Christmas Stockings! Whether it’s a full sized Christmas stocking, stocking shaped cookies, or any other stocking craft, I have all the heart eyes. And that’s why I design a new Christmas Stocking every year!

Ready to make the Victorian Christmas Stocking?

Victorian Christmas Stocking


Bulky Weight Yarn (#5)

  • Beige (Color A) [1.5oz]
  • Red (Color B) [2.5oz]

J/10/6.00mm Hook

Yarn Needle

Christmas Applique (Poinsettia Flower)


7 sts x 5 rows = 2”

Stitch Guide

arnd = around

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

hhdc = See Special Stitches

sc = single crochet

sk = skip

sl st(s) = slip stitch(es)

st(s) = stitch(es)

YO = yarn over

Finished Measurement

Approx. 5″ wide x 17″ long (cuff to toe)

Skill Level


Written in U.S. Terms


  • Beginning chains do not count as stitches.
  • Where asterisks appear, repeat the instructions between them.

Special Stitches

Herringbone Half Double Crochet (hhdc) – YO, insert hook in stitch, draw up a loop, and pull it straight through 1st loop on hook, YO, draw through all loops on hook.



With Color A,

1. Magic ring, ch 1, 6 sc in ring, sl st to join, turn (6)

2. Ch 1, 2 sc in each st arnd, sl st to join, turn (12)

3. Ch 1, *2 sc, sc* arnd, sl st to join, turn (18)

4. Ch 1, *2 sc, sc x 2* arnd, sl st to join, turn (24)

5. Ch 1, *2 sc, sc x 3* arnd, sl st to join, turn (30)

6. Ch 1, *2 sc, sc x 4* arnd, sl st to join, turn (42)

7-8. Ch 1, sc in each st arnd, sl st to join, turn (42)

Starting Main Portion:

With Color B,

9.  Ch 1, hhdc arnd, sl st to join, do not turn (42)

10-21. Repeat round 8; Break for heel at the end of round 20, but leave a working loop

With Color A,


1. Ch 1, sc x 14, turn (14)

2-7. Repeat row 21; fold heel back in half, and sl st down the seam working through both layers (as shown in the Watermelon Slippers below); Fasten Color A.

(This is the Watermelon Chunky Slippers pattern, but the heel is worked the same)

Continuing Main Portion:

22. Pick up working loop from Color B: Ch 1, hhdc in the end of each row across the heel (14 sts) 

and in each st arnd, sl st to join, do not turn (42)

23. Ch 1, hhdc in each st arnd, sl st to join, do not turn (42)

24-41. Repeat round 22; Fasten Color B.


With Color A,

1. Ch 1, sc in each st arnd, sl st to join; break yarn

2. Lay stocking flat, so toe points to the left (this keeps the seam in the back): Attach yarn to BLO of stitch on the right fold; Ch 1, BLO sc in same st and in next 14 sts, sc x 15 (both loops), FLO sc x 15 (in the same sts where we worked the BLO at the beginning), turn (45)

3. Ch 1, sc in 1st st, sk 1, sc x 41, sk 1, sc, turn (43)

4. Ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sk 1, sc x 39, sk 1, sc, turn (41)

5. Ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sk 1, sc x 37, sk 1, sc, turn (39)

6. Ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sk 1, sc x 35, sk 1, sc, turn (37)

7. Ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sk 1, sc x 33, sk 1, sc, turn (35)

8. Ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sk 1, sc x 31, sk 1, sc, turn (33)

9. Ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sk 1, sc x 29, sk 1, sc, turn (31)

10. Ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sk 1, sc x 27, sk 1, sc, turn (29)

11. Ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sk 1, sc x 25, sk 1, sc, turn (27)

12. Ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sk 1, sc x 23, sk 1, sc, turn (25)

13. Ch 2, 3 dc in each st across; Fasten. (75)


With Color B,

Ch 20, sl st in each ch across, turn, sl st down opposite side of ch, join with a sl st in 1st sl st; Fasten.


  • Fold Cuff down over main portion.
  • Attach hanger to right fold (heel side), over round 41 of main portion on inside of stocking.
  • Attach embellishment(s) as desired.
  • Hide all strings.

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  1. Hi there, I was hoping you could help me. The ending stitch count on row 8 of the toe is 30. The ending stitch count on row 9 is 42 but there aren’t any increases. I’m very confused. The pattern is beautiful and I’m looking forward to making it! Thank you.


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