Kissing Ball

Who says kissing balls are only for Christmas? 

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Truth is, I originally designed this at Christmas time, but I ran out of time to publish it. Recently I started thinking about it again and realized it would be just as fun to have a Valentine’s Day Kissing Ball. The cool thing is, these could easily be made for any holiday!

My Christmas one has green, red, and white shimmer flowers only. But while I was crocheting the roses for this one, I thought about adding a dangling heart and I LOVE it! The best part is, I love hearts and roses, so I can leave this decoration up all year!!!

When I go back and make my Christmas one later this year, it will have some crochet mistletoe hanging down, or at least that’s what I’m thinking right now…but, as with all creative minds, that idea could change in the next hour, let alone the next 10 months lol

To make your own:


Worsted Weight Yarn (#4)
~Various Shades of Red, Pink, and White [25yds per rose]
H/8/5.00mm Crochet Hook 
1- 2″ Styrofoam Ball
Fiberfill or other stuffing 
Hot Glue Gun/Sticks 
Optional Materials
10-12 Heart pins


Gauge is not critical for this project

Finished Measurements

Approximately 12″ long

Stitch Guide

arnd = around
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
dec = decrease
sc = single crochet
sk = skip
sl st(s) = slip stitch(es)
st(s) = stitch(es)

Skill Level




  • Where asterisks appear, repeat the instructions between them.
  • I used Caron Simply Soft in White, Soft Pink, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Harvest Red. Harvest Red was also used for the heart.



R1. Ch 27, sc in 5th ch from hook, ch 2, sk 1, sc in next, *ch 2, sk 1, sc in next* across, turn (no ch)
R2. (sc, ch 1, 3 dc, ch 1, sc) in each ch-2 sp across. Fasten, leave long tail.Roll up flower so there are 3 layers of petals.
Take long tail and sew through all the layers across the bottom to secure them in place.


R1. Magic ring, 6 sc in ring (6)
R2. 2 sc in each st arnd (12) 
R3. *2 sc, sc* arnd (18)
R4-6. Repeat step 3. Fasten, leaving at long tail at the end of the 2nd cup.
R7-12. Repeat steps 1-6 to make another “cup”. These two cups will be the top “humps” of the heart. Hold the cups together and use the long tail to sew two stitches from each cup together string hanger up through the center of the two stitches so that the double knotted end stays on the inside of the heart and then continue with heart color:
R13. Attach yarn at 1st unworked st next to sewn stitches and sc in each st arnd (32 sc)
R14-16. sc in each st arnd (32)
R17. *dec, sc x 6* arnd (28)
R18. *dec, sc x 5* arnd (24)
R19. *dec, sc x 4* arnd (20)
R20. *dec, sc x 3* arnd (16)
R21. *dec, sc x 2* arnd (12) 
Stuff heart.
R22. *dec, sc* arnd (8)
R23. dec arnd (4)
R24. dec x 2 (2). Fasten.
Stitch bottom closed and pull tail up through center of heart.

Heart Hanger

Ch 15. Fasten. Double knot in one end.


  • Hot glue roses around Styrofoam ball. 
  • Stick heart pins down through the center of each rose or glue gems in the centers of each rose. 
  • Glue Heart by the hanger on one side of the ball between 2 roses so you can hide it. 
  • Take a 5″ strand of yarn, tie the ends together, and glue it to the Styrofoam ball on the opposite side of the heart for the Kissing Ball hanger.

Voila! You now have a beautiful Kissing Ball!

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