Kaleidoscope Waves Legwarmers

Crochet Legwarmers

These legwarmers are a fun addition to your everyday wear. Mix solids with ombres and create trendy kaleidoscopic legwarmers to match with any outfit.

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Worsted Weight Yarn (#4)

      *Solid Main Color (MC)

      *Solid Alternate Color A (ACA)

      *Variegated Alternate Color B (ACB)

J/10/6.00mm Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle


8 sts x 4 r = 2.25”


Adult Regular

Stitch Guide

arnd = around

BLO = back loop only 

ch(s) = chain(s) 

dc = double crochet 

dc2tog = double crochet two together

sc = single crochet 

Skill Level


Written in U.S. Terms


  • Beginning chains do not count as stitches
  • Pattern is worked from top down

Special Stitches

double crochet two together (dc2tog) – YO, insert hook in stitch, draw up a loop, pull through 2 loops on hook, YO, insert hook in next st, draw up a loop, pull through 2 loops on hook, YO, draw through all loops on hook.


BAND EDGE (Make 2 per leg warmer)

With Main Color (MC),

1. Chain 6, sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each ch across, ch 1, turn (5)

2. sc in the BLO across, ch 1, turn (5)

3-36. Repeat 2 Fasten and sew short edges together. (5)


1. With one band, attach Alternate Color A (ACA), ch 2, dc in the same space and in the end of each row around, sl st to join in 1st dc (36)

Switch to Alternate Color B (ACB),

2. Ch 2, 2 dc in the same sp as ch, dc x 3, dc2tog x 2, dc x 3, 2 dc, *2 dc, dc x 3, dc2tog x 2, dc x 3, 2 dc* around, sl st to join in 1st dc (36)

3. Repeat 2

Switch to ACA,

4. Repeat 2

Switch to MC,

5-6. Repeat 2

Switch to ACA,

7. Repeat 2

Switch ACB,

8-9. Repeat 2

Switch ACA,

10. Repeat 2

11-22. Repeat steps 5-10 following color changes.


Sew other band around bottom of leg warmer, matching each stitch of leg warmer with each row end of band.

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