Colosseum Cowl

Winter is here! 

With cold weather upon us, I wanted to create a cowl that’s quick to make and fun to wear, but also isn’t too hot or bulky.

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Then I remembered the simple stitch work I had played with a few months ago. It reminded me of the Colosseum! I knew it would be perfect paired up with some chunky yarn!

So, I grabbed my stash of Schachenmayr Lumio yarn (for the totally awesome reflective effect) and got started.

It’s made using 3 colors for a fun block look. You can wear it so one solid color is in front (3 to choose from) or center between two colors (3 combos to choose from) . That means there’s 6 different looks in one cowl!

It only took me a couple of hours to finish! The best part is, it’s easy enough for a beginner!

Here’s the pattern:


Schachenmayr Lumio

     *Grey (A)

     *Glacier (B)

     *Navy (C)

N/9.00mm Hook

Yarn Needle (to hide strings) 

Stitch Guide

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

RS = right side 

sc = single crochet 

Skill Level



One Size Fits All


Not Important

Written in U.S. terms 



  • Beginning ch-4 (odd rows) count as 1st dc
  • Beginning ch-1 (even rows) does not count as 1st sc 


With Color A,

1. Ch 27, sk 4 ch, dc in next, *ch 1, sk 1, dc* across, ch 1, turn (13 dc, 12 sk sts)

2. (RS) sc in each st and ch-sp across, place last st in 3rd ch of turning ch, ch 4, turn (25)

3.  sk 1st 2 scs, dc in next, *ch 1, sk 1, dc* across, ch 1, turn (13 dc, 12 sk sts)

4. sc in each st and ch-sp across, place last st in 3rd ch of turning ch, ch 4, turn (25)

5-14. Repeat 3 & 4

With Color B,

15-28. Repeat rows 3 & 4

With Color C,

29-42. Repeat rows 3 & 4. Fasten at the end of row 42 and turn.


Cut 3 – 35″ strands of yarn (one of each color) and braid them together and tie off each side. Leave long tails after the knots to look like tassels.

Optional: Chain 100 using one strand. Embroidery, Quilting & Decorative Thread


  • With wrong side up (and right sides together), hold the short ends together and sl st across, working through both layers. Keeping in mind that one row will be all sc and the other will be dc and ch-sps.
  • Weave tie in and out of odd numbered rows (dcs)

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