Pocket Full of Sunshine

It’s finally Summer (well, almost). I dream of days crocheting on the beach, while my kids play (and leave me to my crafty ventures!). I also look forward to walking the shores and exploring. And that’s how the “Pocket Full of Sunshine” came to be!

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One thing I hate about the beach is carrying around the big ol’ beach bag. Sure, it’s fine when we’re there to lounge and swim, but what about just walking along the sand? All I need is a small pouch for some important things, like my phone and keys.

This is also the perfect bag for kids to collect seashells or even sand glass!

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Worsted Weight 100% Cotton Yarn (#4)

  • 2oz/100yds

H/8/5.00mm Hook

Yarn Needle

Optional Materials


Not important for this project

Finished Measurements

Approx. 5.75″ diameter before adding rays

Stitch Guide

arnd = around

ch = chain

dc = double crochet

Dtr = See Special Stitches

hdc = half double crochet

RS = right side

sc = single crochet

sl st(s) = slip stitch(es)

trc = treble crochet

Ttr = See Special Stitches

WS = wrong side

Skill Level




  • Join and turn where indicated only
  • Handle is written for child size, with adult size in parenthesis.
  • Finished measurement will vary depending on yarn used

Special Stitches

Double Treble (Dtr) = YO 3X, insert hook in stitch indicated, YO, draw up a loop, *draw through 2 loops* 4X

Triple Treble (Ttr) = YO 4X, insert hook in stitch indicated, YO, draw up a loop, *draw through 2 loops* 5X


BASE (Make 2)

Work in continuous rounds,

1. Make adjustable ring, ch 1, 6 sc in ring (6)

2. 2 sc in each st arnd (12)

3. *2 sc, sc* arnd (18)

4. *2 sc, sc x 2* arnd (24)

5. *2 sc, sc x 3* arnd (30)

6. *2 sc, sc x 4* arnd (36)

7. *2 sc, sc x 5* arnd (42)

8. *2 sc, sc x 6* arnd (48)

9. *2 sc, sc x 7* arnd (54)

10. *2 sc, sc x 8* arnd (60)


If you prefer the bag bigger, continue increasing here (must be a multiple of 6).


Lay base pieces RS together (WS out). Place a stitch marker through one stitch of both layers. Count over 17 sts and insert another stitch marker, going through both layers.


1. Attach yarn to stitch next to second stitch marker; sc in same space and in next 41 sts, turn (42 sc)

2. *Ch 7, hdc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in next, trc in next, dtr in next, ttr in last ch, sk 4 sts on base, slip st x 2* across (7 Rays)

3. Remove stitch markers, sc in each st arnd the opening of the pouch, sl st to 1st st

4. *Ch 7, hdc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in next, trc in next, dtr in next, ttr in last ch, sk 4 sts on base, slip st x 2* 3X (working across the opening on the front side only), sl st to join in base of 1st ray created around the outside. Fasten. (3 Rays)


Ch 91(121), working in back bump: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Fasten. (90)[120]

This strap can be adjusted as desired.


*Sew strap to inside on back base piece, all the way against the edge of the opening on both sides, so the RS is attached to the back base and the WS is facing the front.

*I highly suggest spraying the rays with starch and ironing them on the appropriate setting. This will help stiffen them, so they don’t fall over.

*Hide all strings.

*Optional: Add summer themed buttons to the front base piece as desired.

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