Pocket Full of Clouds

I have had this cloud project planned out for quite a while and I’m glad I finally have it done!

Truth be told, I have had it planned since I designed the Pocket Full of Sunshine and Pocket Full of Rainbows patterns, but for one reason or another I just never got it done.

The following is a mini pouch version designed especially for the Mini Mystery Crochet Along hosted by A Crocheted Simplicity. This blog post will be updated next week to include the full sized purse pattern.

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Have you taken part in a mMCAL from ACS yet?

If you’re new to A Crocheted Simplicity’s Mini-Mystery Crochet Alongs, please read the Information Guide found in this blog post HERE, so you know how to join in. 

This MMCAL will be post in three segments. When it’s time for the next segment to be posted, check back right here in this blog post, as it will be updated with the next segment’s instructions. This will keep all of our info in one spot.

MMCAL Schedule:

  • Materials List posted on ACS blog: Wednesday, August 21, 2019
  • Segment 1:  Main portion – Friday, August 23, 2019
  • Segment 2: Lining and Joining – Saturday, August 24, 2019
  • Segment 3:  Accents and Finishing – Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • MMCAL Closes & Winners drawn: Monday, August 26, 2019

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So, let’s grab our materials and get started:


Worsted Weight Yarn (#4)
-White (<2oz)
H/8/5.00mm Crochet Hook
Craft Felt Sheet
-Any Color
Yarn Needle
Hot Glue Gun/Sticks
-Fabric Paint (Black & Pink)
-Pony Beads (Blue or Rainbow Shades)
-3/4″ Button


Not important for this project

Finished Measurements

5″ W x 3″H (when complete)

Stitch Guide

arnd = around

ch(s) = chain(s)

sc = single crochet

sl st(s) = slip stitch(es)

st(s) = stitch(es)

Skill Level


Written in U.S. Terms



  • Beginning ch-1 does not count as a stitch



R1. Ch 5, sc in back bump of 2nd ch and in each ch across, turn (4)
R2. Ch 1, 2 sc, sc x 2, 2 sc, across, turn (6)
R3. Ch 1, sc across, turn (6)
R4. Ch 3, sc in back bump of 2nd ch and in next ch, sc x 5, 2 sc in last st, turn (9)
R5. Ch 1, sc x 8, 2 sc, turn (10)
R6. Ch 1, sc across, turn (10)
R7. Ch 1, sc x 8, skip 1 st, sc in next, turn (9)
R8. Ch 1, skip 1 st, sc in next, skip 1 st, sc x 4, skip 1 st, sc in last, turn (6)
R9. Ch 1, sc across, turn (6)
R10. Repeat row 4
R11. Repeat row 5
R12. Repeat row 6
R13. Repeat row 7
R14. Repeat row 8
R15-16. Repeat row 9
R17. Ch 1, skip 1 st, sc x 3, skip 1 st, sc in last; Fasten. (4)

R18. Attach yarn to top end of row 8 (cloud center): Ch 1, sc in the end of each row and in each st arnd the outside, sl st to join; Fasten. (Both Pieces)

Lay each piece over the felt sheet, trace it, and then cut out approximately 1/4″ in from the trace line. [Oops, I forgot to put the edging on before I did this part]

Glue felt pieces to the center of their cloud. Once set, hold pieces together, with felt touching and continue:

R19. Attach yarn to top end of row 3, going through both crochet layers: Ch 1, sc in same space and in the end of each row and in each st, down the side, across the bottom, and up the other side, stopping in the top end of row 15; Fasten. [Leave top unworked, so it stays open]

V V Continue V V


Optional: Add a Closure

Attach yarn to top center of cloud on front side: ch 15, sl st in same space as join; Fasten.

Add button to backside, so that it lines up with the closure loop.


Cut 5 – 10″ piece of string. [I used white, but if you wanted to skip adding beads, you could add the fringe in blue or rainbow colors]

Add fringe to the bottom of the cloud [I added two on each side and one in the center]

Add a bead to the string, then tie a knot underneath it (repeat this after every bead). The knots keep the beads on the string and also add a space between each bead.

Trim fringe as desired [I trimmed mine to form a “V”]


On the front side of the pouch, add eyes and a mouth with black puffy paint, and cute little cheeks with pink puffy paint. [I added my eyes to rows 8 & 11, approximately 6 sts down from the top. I added the mouth directly under the eyes leaving approximately 1.5 sts between them. I added the cheeks to rows 7 & 12, aligned with the top of the mouth.]

Optional: Keyring

Stitch a keyring to the side of the pouch with a whip stitch if desired. Insert string to the inside of the pouch and knot the ends several times to fasten.

Shape cloud as needed.

Hide All Strings.

Thank you for joining the mMCAL! I hope you had fun! Don’t forget to share your finished creations in the ACS community group on Facebook to be entered to win prizes! You can also join the Blackstone Designs Crochet Community to show them off! I’d love to have you there!

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