Patchwork Tote Bag

One of my favorite projects to crochet is bags! So, in honor of National Crochet Month, I had to post a tote bag pattern.

The Patchwork Tote Bag isn’t a new design, but the pattern is new to the blog! That’s right, it’s now a free pattern.. forever!



Worsted Weight Yarn (#4)

  • Brown (A)
  • Green (B)
  • Magenta (C)
  • White (D)
  • Aqua (E)
  • Purple (F)
  • Rust (G)

H/8/5.00mm Hook
1 – 1”/2.54cm Button
Yarn Needle


Squares = 4” x 4”/10cm x 10cm


Approx. 12” x 10”/30.5cm x 25.4cm


arnd = around
ch = chain
dec = decrease
RS = right side
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
WS= wrong side
YO = yarn over





  • Beginning ch 1 does not count as a st
  • Tutorial photos are on the last page
  • Purse shown was made using Willow Yarns Wash in Brown Bear, Key Lime, Lurid, Snow, Clear Water, Hyacinth, and Fallen Tree. 

SQUARES (make 12)

With Color A,
1.Ch 17, working in the back bump: sc in 1stch, sk next ch, sc in next, sc in skp’d ch, *sk 1, sc, sc in skp’d ch* across, sc in last ch, turn (16)
2.Ch 1, sc in same sp, sk next sc, sc in next, sc in skp’d sc, *sk 1, sc, sc in skp’d sc* across, sc in last st, turn (16)
With Color B,
3-4.Repeat step 2
With Color C,
5-6.Repeat step 2
With Color D,
7-8.Repeat step 2
With Color E,
9-10. Repeat step 2
With Color F,
11-12.Repeat step 2
With Color G,
13-14.Repeat step 2. Fasten at the end of row 14. Optional: block all squares before continuing.
Hold squares with WS together, so the stripes are going in opposite directions (one vertical, one horizontal) with color Astarting at the top or on the left. With color D,connect the squares by lining up one stitch of one square with end of one row of the other square (as shown in photo 1) and sc through both layers. There are 14 rows, but 16 sts, so make first and last stitches go in the corners. First work across them horizontally joining all 6 squares, then finish joining them vertically. See Photo Tutorial Below. Make 2 – 3 x 2 panels (front & back). 


With Color A,
1.Ch 7, sc in back bump across, turn (6)
2.Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn (6)
3-104.Repeat 2, do not fasten or break yarn, trim will begin with this loop
Hold front panel with middle panel, RS facing out, and using color D, sc arnd the outside (the same way the squares are attached together). Repeat for back panel. 


Reinsert hook in loop left from middle paneland work around purse opening (continuing with ColorA): 
1.Ch 1, sc in each st and in the end of each row arnd, sl st to join, turn (100)
2.Ch 1, *sc x 8, dec*, arnd, sl st to join, turn (90)
3.Ch 1, *sc x 7, dec*, arnd, sl st to join, turn (80) 
4.Ch 1, *sc x 6, dec*, arnd, sl st to join, turn (70)
5.Ch 1, sc x 7, ch 65, sk 16, sc x 19, ch 65, sk 16, sc x 12, turn (38 sc, 32 skp sts, 2 ch sps), sl st to join, turn (Handles Made)
6.Ch 1, sc x 12, sc x 65 (across ch), sc x 19, sc x 65 (across ch), sc x 7, turn, sl st to join, turn (168)
7.Ch 1, sc in each st arnd, sl st to join, turn (168)
8.Repeat 6. Fasten.


  • Attach color A to middle stitch of back panel; ch 10, sl st to same st, Fasten. (Loop Closure Made)
  • Attach button to center front over trim.
  • Hide all strings.

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