Loose Pom Pom (Using Your Hands)

I have my own technique to make a pom-pom. It leaves the “tails” loose and flowy. No need for cardboard or special tools! This technique is quick and easy too!!!

First choose your yarn color. Run a long strand through the palm of your hand, then start wrapping the yarn around your index and middle fingers. I usually do this about 40 times, but it really depends on how full you want the pom pom to be! Do not wrap too tightly, make sure there is a little space, enough to fit at least a G hook. (We do not want to cut off our circulation!!!). Cut from ball.

Insert crochet hook under the “wrap” running along the crease of where your index finger and middle finger meet. Run new strand across the top of your “wrap” and grab it with the hook and pull it under the “wrap” (pulling the hook back out the way you inserted it)

Pull the “wrap” off of your fingers and pull your two loose ends tightly (be careful not to snap the yarn) and tie them together. I do a double knot.

Re-insert a finger through the hole and cut the loops in half

Pull up the strands and holding them like a bouquet from the bottom, cut across the top to even it out.

Let go and fluff it out and abracadabra! You have a messy pom-pom that is still just as cute as it would be if you used a pom pom tool!! 

Here’s some photos of these pom-poms in use:

Thank for stopping by! I hope you like this tutorial! 

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