Knit Monster Popsicle Holders

Knit cozies for freeze pops

Aren’t posicles just the best Summer treat? I know my kids go wild for them.

And of course popsicles call for holders!

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 The crochet version are of these monsters are super popular, so I knew I had to make a knit version.

Keep the little ones cool during the summer, without freezing tiny fingers! Great for pool parties or summer birthday party favors. These are a huge hit with the kids!

Full disclosure: This is my first time writing a knit pattern. I did have this pattern tested, but I’m not an expert, so you’ll have to let me know how I did! I figure this pattern is super quick and easy that it couldn’t be too far off track haha! 

Here’s how to make your own:


Worsted Weight Yarn (#4)

  • 5-6 Colors (scraps)

US 9/5.5mm Straight Needles


Google Eyes


Black Puffy Paint (Mouth)

Yarn Needle



Not important for this project


Approximately 3.5” tall.

Stitch Guide

BO = bind off

CO = cast on

inc = increase

K = knit

K2tog = knit two together

Skill Level




Any glue can be used, but I prefer hot glue or E6000.



CO 15

1. Knit all stitches (15)

2-30. Repeat row 1

BO all stitches

Ears (Make 2)

CO 3

1. Knit all stitches (3)

2. K1, inc, K1 (4)

3. Knit all stitches (4)

4. K1, k2tog, K1 (3)

5. Knit all stitches (3)

BO all stitches


  • Fold base in half and sew up the seam; turn base inside out and center the seam in back.
  • Sew ears to the sides of the base, approx 1” down from the top.
  • Glue google eyes to colored felt and cut around the eyes, leaving approx ⅛” space around the eyes.
  • Glue felt + eyes to front of base, between the ears.
  • Draw mouth with black puffy paint; allow to dry before continuing.
  • Cut out small triangles from white felt (teeth) and glue to desired location around mouth.
  • Hide all strings.

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