How to Add a Liner to Crochet (or Knit) Mittens

I adore crochet mittens! I love having the freedom to style them however I want.

They can be made to match a jacket, they can be striped, you can add pom poms or appliques… anything!

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However, I live where it snows, so crochet mittens rarely take me past the Fall weather; unless I add a liner!

You can use various fabrics for lining, but I think the best is fleece (anti-pill, blizzard, sweatshirt, micro). You will especially want to use fleece if these mittens will be used in the snow. 

Some other fabrics you can use are Sherpa, brushed cotton, thermal, and flannel (keep in mind that flannel does not stretch, which can make them a bit stiff).

The great thing is, you can cut up old fleece coats, sweatshirts, or even blankets, and re-purpose them! I’m a sucker for re-purposing projects! 

So, now that we have the fabric basics, let’s line some mittens!


  • Crochet or Knit Mittens
  • 1/4″ yard of fabric
  • Sewing Machine or Needles
  • Sewing Thread
  • 1/2″ wide Hem Tape (No sew)
  • Iron
  • Scissors


Confident Beginner


  • 1/2″ seam allowance used
  • This pattern has sew and no sew instructions
  • If using the no sew option, make sure to use the proper heat setting on your iron for the yarn material. Acrylic yarn can met under high heat.
  • For this tutorial, I’m using some left over sweatshirt fleece in light gray heather.


First, iron your fabric as needed, then you will trace your mitten onto the fabric, adding a 1/4″ margin around. Add an additional 1″ to the bottom (mitten opening). TIP: If you’re planning to line multiple pairs of mittens, you may want to trace the mitten onto a piece of cardstock to make a template. You can then use the template on the fabric.

Cut out the piece you traced, flip it over, and trace it on the fabric. This gives you two pieces, mirror image. Cut out two more mirror image pieces.

Hold two mirror image pieces with the right sides together, clip or pin them in place.

Using a 1/2″ seam allowance, sew from the bottom of one side of the cuff and around the the other side of the cuff. Do not sew across the bottom. For the no-sew option, place a piece of 1/2″ wide hem tape between the layers, lining the edge of the tape up with the edge of the fabric and iron.

Trim off the excess fabric up to, but not through, the stitch line. If using hem tape, cut off 3/8″ of fabric around.

Fold up 1/4″ of the cuff and iron to keep a fold. Next, either sew the fold or place a piece of hem tape under the fold and iron it.

Insert the liner into the mitten. Do not turn the liner right sides out. Right sides together with the wrong sides out is how it is inserted into the mitten.

Fold the fabric cuff up and either bring it over the top of the mitten cuff or tuck it under the mitten cuff. I like my liners to be removable, but you can fasten the liner in place by sewing it down, or placing hem tape between the mitten cuff and fabric cuff and ironing.

Liner shown over the cuff
Liner shown under the cuff

 And that’s it! It’s so easy to line your mittens, you could do them all this afternoon! LOL

Need a pair of mittens to try this tutorial on? You’ll love the Friday Mittens! They’re quick and easy, so you’ll have time to make the mittens and line them today!

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