How to Add a Liner to a Crochet (or Knit) Bag

This tutorial includes sew and no-sew instructions!

Crochet bags can be so beautiful! They are fun to make and personalize! 

Unfortunately, crochet stitch work leaves holes, so things like pens and keys often end up slipping through and poking out. The great thing is, you can add a fabric liner to the inside and solve the problem.

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What you’ll need:

*100% Cotton Quilter’s Fabric

*Scissors / Rotary Cutter

*Cutting Mat


*Sewing Machine / Needle & Thread / Hem Tape (Super Hold)


*Fabric Clips / Pins


1. Measure your bag: Length x Width x Height

2. Iron Fabric as needed, then measure and cut; 

For flat bags: Bag Length + 1″, Bag Height x 2 + 3″

For 3-D bags: Bag Length + Width + 1″, Bag Height x 2 + 3″

For example, my bag measures at 12″ Length, 3.5″ Width, and 8″ Height, so I will cut my fabric

12″ + 3.5″ + 1″ = 16.5″ and 8″ x 2 + 3″ = 19″, so I will cut my fabric 16.5″ across and 19″ high.

3. Fold fabric in half (top to bottom), so the right side (print side) is together. Pin or Clip up the sides to hold in place.

4. Sew 1/2″ in from edge, or place Hem Tape between the 2 layers of fabric (lining the hem tape up to the edge of the fabric) and iron.

5. For 3-D bags ONLY:: Create Box Corners: To do this, grab the bottom corner of the bag and turn it so the seams are on top of each other and the fabric looks like a baseball home plate.

Measure across the fold, so that the width matches the width of the bag and sew across the seam. If using hem tape, place a piece on top (across the width) and fold the corner up and iron in place. Do the same for the other corner.

6. Fold top edge of liner down 1/2″. Fold toward the wrong side, so the right side of the fabric is showing. Pin in place, iron, and sew. Or place a piece of hem tap under the fold and iron.

7. Turn liner right side out, turn the tote wrong side out, and slip liner over the bag (so the wrong sides are together). Sew into place 1/4″ down from the top (of liner) OR add a piece of hem tape between the liner and the bag. WARNING: If using hem tape and acrylic yarn, make sure your iron is on the proper heat setting (lowest setting). Acrylic yarn will melt on a high heat setting.

8. Turn bag right side out and VOILA! You have a lined bag!

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