Crayon Pouch

Crochet Crayon Pouch

I have always loved coloring! I find it to be relaxing, but also a great expression of creativity. I have always encouraged my kids to color too, even as teenagers.

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Back in the Fall of 2013, as school was starting up, I wanted to design something “back to school” related. It was then that I got out a box of crayons and realized how our crayon boxes always end up mangled. 

We needed something to protect the box, so I made this cute little pouch. It’s a fun way for kids to store their crayons! It can be used as a cover for your box of crayons or it can hold the crayons out of the box. Simply pull the tie strings and turn it into a pouch!

Here’s how to make one:


Worsted Weight Yarn (#4)

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Bright Green
  • Green
  • Bright Blue
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Optional: Rainbow Variegated

F/5/3.75mm Hook

Yarn Needle


Optional Materials

Black puffy paint


Not important for this project


Approximately 4.5” tall.

Fits a 24 pack box, or 32 individual crayons.

Stitch Guide

ch = chain

dec = decrease

sc = single crochet

Skill Level


Written in U.S. Terms


  • Beginning chain does not count as a stitch
  • This pouch consists of 7 crayons + one bottom piece all sewn together


Crayons (Make 7)

With Color,

1. Ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and across, turn (4)

2. Ch 1 sc across, turn (4)

With Black,

3-4. Repeat row 2

With Color,

5-14. Repeat row 2

With Black,

15-16. Repeat row 2

With Color,

17-18. Repeat row 2

19. Ch 1, dec x 2, turn (2)

20. Ch 1, sc across, turn (2)

21. Ch 1, dec; Fasten. (1)

Pouch Bottom

With Variegated,

1. Ch 5, sc in 2nd ch and across, turn (4)

2. Ch 1, sc across, turn

3-14. Repeat row 2; Fasten at the end of row 14.


With Black,

Ch 75. Fasten.


  • Hold crayons right sides/front sides together, thread needle with black yarn, and sew up the sides (making a long strip of 7 crayons). Sew the 1st crayon & last crayon together.  
  • Leaving pouch inside out, decide which crayons you want on the front/back and which two crayons will be the sides. Hold row 1 of the bottom base to the bottom of either side crayon and sew across. Line the front/back crayons with the side edge of the bottom strip and sew in place. Sew other side crayon to last row of bottom strip, the sew front/back crayons to the other side of bottom strip.
  • Starting at Front Center Crayon: Begin by inserting tie between stitches 2 & 3 of row 15, continue weaving in & out of of the stitches of row 15 around each crayon.
  • Hide all strings.
  • Optional: With Black Puffy Paint, write “Crayons” on the front of the pouch. For a cleaner finish, write the word “Crayons” on a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap. Allow to dry completely, then peel the word off, and glue to the front of the pouch.

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