Clear Envelope Pouch

Clear Envelope Pouch sample

Last week I published the Clear Window Pencil Pouch and that was just the beginning of all of the awesome crochet with vinyl crafts I have planned; like this Clear Envelope Pouch!

Just like the pencil pouch, this one can be made in any size, just by changing the height and width measurements!

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Clear Envelope Pouch sample

It can be used for pencils, crochet hooks, knitting needles, or travel goods. Small pouches could be used for coins, ear buds, or even a small sewing kit. You could even make one for a first-aid kit or make up! They can literally be used for anything you can think of!

I made a large one 4″W x 8″H, so I could use it for small notepad, pencils, and other office supplies for taking notes or making sketches while I’m out and about. I made a small one for coins because I hate putting those in my wallet. Plus, my coin pouch will fit inside my larger pouch! Bonus!

Want to make your own? You’ll be surprised to learn that this pouch can be made in just a half hour! They are SUPER QUICK!

Clear Envelope Pouch Materials


1/4 Yard of Clear Vinyl (14-20 Gauge) [See Notes]
Worsted Weight Yarn (#4) [Amount varies by pouch size]
H/8/5.00mm Crochet Hook
Snap Buttons, Industrial Strength Hook & Loop Closure, or Magnet Snaps
Rotary Cutter or Scissors
One-Hole Punch

Stitch Guide

arnd = around
ch = chain
sc = single crochet


Not Important for this project

Finished Measurements

Varies by desired size.
My Small = 4.5″W x 3″H
My Large = 8.5″W x 5.5″H

Skill Level

Confident Beginner

Written in U.S. Terms



  • Vinyl comes in gauges. The higher the number, the thicker the vinyl is. 4 Gauge is super thin and flimsy, 40 gauge is super thick and tough to hole punch.
  • A yard of fabric = 36″H, 1/4 yard of fabric = 9″H, but the width is 54″ wide, so 1/4 yard of fabric will be 9″ x 54″. Vinyl doesn’t have a specific cutting direction.
  • Cut vinyl so the height measurement is double the width measurement.
  • There is no stitch count listed because the stitch count will depend on how many holes you add to your vinyl. 
  • You can easily adjust the size of the finished pouch to make it taller, shorter, wider, or thinner. Just cut the vinyl pieces to your desired measurements before adding the holes. The pattern will still work up the same way, no matter what measurements are used.
  • This pattern can be worked without crochet: just sew with a whip stitch in the holes instead!



Cut vinyl to desired size: I cut my small pouch vinyl at 4″W x 8″ H and my large pouch vinyl at 8″W x 16″H.

Clear Envelope Pouch Tutorial

Divide vinyl into thirds (no cutting). Add 1/2″ to the bottom third and fold with a crease at that spot. For instance: My small pouch was 8″ long, I folded it at 3 1/8″. Now fold the top third down over the edge of the bottom third and crease there also.

Lay piece flat again and fold the corners of the top third in until the point meets the top crease. Do not crease hard here, but mark the fold.

Now fold the corner point in again, so it meets the corner crease just made. Crease here and then cut along the crease to remove the corners.

Fold bottom third up again at the crease and clip in place, so the vinyl doesn’t slip

Punch holes up the side edges and around the top third of the pouch as shown, putting a hole at every corner. Space holes 1/4-1/2” apart. I found it easier to punch the corner holes first and then add the rest. –Do not punch hold across the middle.

Lacy Afghans

NOTE: You can sew through the holes instead of crocheting! Just thread your needle and make 3-4 passes through each hole using the whip stitch!


Keeping holes lined up and with front side of pouch facing:
Insert hook in bottom right hole and attach yarn,
Ch 1, 2 sc in same space, 2 sc in each hole up the side, placing 3 sc in each corner stitch across the top; Fasten.


  • Add one half of the snap button or hook & loop closure to the center top-edge of the pouch. Fold the top piece down and mark where the other half of the closure will go, then attach the other half. This will ensure they line up properly.
  • Hide all strings.
  • Optional: Add stickers, gem stickers, or adhesive vinyl as decorations!
Clear Envelope Pouch decorations

Written pattern and photographs © 2019 Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs. Please do not sell, share, or modify this pattern, but instead share the link to where the pattern can be found. You may sell items you make with this pattern. This pattern, as with all Blackstone Designs/Sonya Blackstone patterns, are not for educational use without written permission from the designer.  

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  1. These are amazing!! I made a bunch of the small ones for my kids and they love them! I just made the large size and can’t figure out how to get the snap on Any advice? I have the pliers, but they obviously can’t reach!

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