Bun Buns the Simple Easter Bunny

Last year I created these super cute and super simple stuffed Bunnies to add to Easter Baskets. 

This is another post from my old blog that I definitely needed to move over here and share with all of you! Easter is on it’s way and these little guys work up quick, quick, quick… (like a bunny? Ha!)

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Worsted Weight Yarn (#4)

H/8/5.00mm Crochet Hook


3/8″ Ribbon

Fabric Paint


Not important for this project

Stitch Guide

arnd = around
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
dec = decrease
hdc = half double crochet
sc = single crochet
sk = skip
sl st(s) = slip stitch(es)

Written in U.S. Terms



  • Beginning chains do not count as stitches.
  • Body is worked in continuous rounds with no chains.
  • Ears are worked in one continuous piece.



1. Magic Ring, 8 sc in ring (8)

2. 2 sc arnd (16)

3. *2 sc, sc* arnd (24)

4. *2 sc, sc x 2* arnd (32)

5-11. sc arnd (32)

12. *dec, sc x 6* arnd (28)

13-16. sc arnd (28)

17. *dec, sc x 5* arnd (24)

18-21. sc arnd (24)

22. *dec, sc* arnd (16)

23. sc arnd (16)


24. dec arnd (8)

25. dec arnd (4). Cut, weave ends through last 4 sts, pull tight to close. Hide string.


*Made in one continual piece

Ch 6, sc across (5); Ch 8, sc, hdc x 2, dc x 3, hdc down ch; sk 1st sc on base, sl st x 2; ch 8, sc, hdc x 2, dc x 3, hdc down ch; sk next sc on base and sl st to the last one; Ch 1, turn, sc arnd the 1st ear, sl st to middle/sl st, sc arnd the 2nd ear. Fasten.


  • Cut approx. 12″ of Ribbon, wrap around rounds 14 & 15 and pull tight to separate body from head. Tie into a bow.
  • Paint face on with fabric paint. Of course you can choose to stitch the face as well. I don’t suggest using google eyes if you’re going to give them to young children because they pull off easily.

And now you have itty bitty bunnies!

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