30 Days of Pattern Giveaways 2023 – Day Twenty

Day 20 of the 2023 Crochet Pattern Giveaway is a fan favorite that can be used all Fall and Winter long!

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I always want to show my gratitude and appreciation for all of the support I receive from the community, so I decided to do another full month of giveaways!

All you have to do is come back to the main page of this blog every day & find out what the pattern is and get the link to download!

Don’t worry if you miss the download! You can get it the next day for 30% off with code 30DAYS !

Important Notes

Each pattern is only free for one day. You will find the link to the new pattern in the main post. Click “Home” to see the main post.

When sharing about this giveaway, share the link to the main post ONLY.

Please do not share my patterns: If someone misses a day it’s not that big of a deal. They won’t miss them all and in my opinion some free patterns are better than none.

It hurts me as a designer and as a small business when pattern sharing/theft happens, so I would really appreciate it if no one shares them.

Please see THIS POST for full event details.

30 days giveaway
30 days giveaway

DAY #20 (November 20th, 2023):  
Moose Mug Cozy

The Moose Mug Cozy pattern has been a fan favorite since I designed it!

This time of year Moose are extremely popular projects, because they’re so fun to gift… and by now you’re probably noticing a theme with the patterns I’m choosing: not only are they fun to make for yourself, they’re also great to gift!

The Moose Mug Cozy pattern is versatile too, because it fits most mugs, even large mouth and novelty shapes!

And it’s also quick and easy to make, which makes it a great gift for teachers, co-workers, and neighbors (and of course family!)

Plus, it isn’t just Christmas themed, you can use it all Fall and Winter long!

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