30 Days of Giving Thanks Pattern Giveaway!

The 30 Days of Giving Thanks Pattern Giveaway is a fun event where I will be giving away a crochet pattern every day in the month of November!

Although I just hosted this event in January, I thought November would be a great time to do it again, since it’s the month of giving thanks!

Is it your first time here?

Please read the entire post to get all of the information. I promise if you do you will know where and when to find the free pattern link.

So, what is this event all about?

Every day in the month of November, I will giveaway a PDF pattern FREE for 24 hours only (Midnight to 11:59 pm EST).

You will come back to this post each day and you will find a link to the next pattern! Only one link is active per day. Please read the event date and time information below, so you will know what day we are on.

You will see all of the dates listed below, but only the current day’s link is active; the following day’s link will be active at midnight. I do this so I can schedule the patterns and not have to be up at midnight to post them every night through the entire (and very busy) month of November.

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What’s changed?

If you participated in this event several years ago, you may remember that I hosted it on Ravelry. This year, I’m hosting it right here on this blog! So what’s that mean for you?

1). No coupon codes to enter
2). No accidental purchases 
3). No need to worry about logging into your account

What I ask in return…

Please do not share my patterns: If someone misses a day, then they miss a day, please do not offer to send them the pattern. Instead share the heck out of this event and let people know it’s happening, so maybe they won’t miss anything!

Due to this being a popular event and a busy time of year, I will not be able to send out patterns if you miss them. In the past this has led to illegal distribution of my patterns and it hurts me as a designer and as a small business, so I ask that you please not do that. One free pattern is better than none anyway, right?

I want to be honest here… this theft is why I stopped hosting this event for a few years… but I really love doing this and I want to be able to offer it year after year.

Please understand that I give away (lose) a lot of money from this event. 2,000 downloads of a $5 pattern for 30 days… well, you can do the math if you want (and that’s being conservative). To recoup some of that loss, it helps to have people visiting my website! I know ads are not anyone’s favorite thing, but it’s better to see an ad then spend $300 on patterns, isn’t it? 

Plus, all patterns will be on sale in both my Etsy and Ravelry shops through the entire month of November, so if you miss a must-have pattern you can snag it at a great price!

Event Dates and Time

I would love it if you could please make sure you follow me on at least one social media account and add whatever patterns you download to your Etsy or Ravelry favorites. 


Are you excited about this event? What patterns are you hoping to see?

Get the Patterns Below

Click the link below to get to the current day’s pattern! You can also click the previous day’s patterns to see what it is and get the links to the patterns in my shops to save 40%! **Note: Read above to see what day we are on. I have pre-posted links that will be active on their scheduled day, but are not active now.

If you are unable to access the download, because the link is not showing as highlighted OR you’re getting a 404 error, you likely need to refresh the page or clear your browser cache. You can also switch browsers. If errors persist, please join the Blackstone Designs Crochet Community on Facebook.

November 1st, 2021: DAY ONE PATTERN

November 2nd, 2021: DAY TWO PATTERN

November 3rd, 2021: DAY THREE PATTERN

November 4th, 2021: DAY FOUR PATTERN

November 5th, 2021: DAY FIVE PATTERN

November 6th, 2021: DAY SIX PATTERN

November 7th, 2021: DAY SEVEN PATTERN

November 8th, 2021: DAY EIGHT PATTERN

November 9th, 2021: DAY NINE PATTERN

November 10th, 2021: DAY TEN PATTERN

November 11th, 2021: DAY ELEVEN PATTERN

November 12th, 2021: DAY TWELVE PATTERN

November 13th, 2021: DAY THIRTEEN PATTERN

November 14th, 2021: DAY FOURTEEN PATTERN

November 15th, 2021: DAY FIFTEEN PATTERN

November 16th, 2021: DAY SIXTEEN PATTERN

November 17th, 2021: DAY SEVENTEEN PATTERN

November 18th, 2021: DAY EIGHTEEN PATTERN

November 19th, 2021: DAY NINETEEN PATTERN

November 20th, 2021: DAY TWENTY PATTERN

November 21st, 2021: DAY TWENTY-ONE PATTERN

November 22nd, 2021: DAY TWENTY-TWO PATTERN

November 23rd, 2021: DAY TWENTY-THREE PATTERN

November 24th, 2021: DAY TWENTY-FOUR PATTERN

November 25th, 2021: DAY TWENTY-FIVE PATTERN

November 26th, 2021: DAY TWENTY-SIX PATTERN

November 27th, 2021: DAY TWENTY-SEVEN PATTERN

November 28th, 2021: DAY TWENTY-EIGHT PATTERN

November 29th, 2021: DAY TWENTY-NINE PATTERN

November 30th, 2021: DAY THIRTY PATTERN

Written pattern and photographs © 2021 Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs. Please do not sell, share, or modify this pattern, but instead share the link to where the pattern can be found. You may sell items you make with this pattern. This pattern, as with all Blackstone Designs/Sonya Blackstone patterns, are not for educational use without written permission from the designer.  


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